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Lyndon Heywood is proud to annouce his candidacy for Bellevue City Council, position 7.

Born in the UK, I moved to Washington in 2003, and have lived here in Lake Hills for more than ten years. I became a US citizen around three years ago, which gives me the ability to vote, and to run for office.

I work as a production artist in a Woodinville print shop and am married with two terrific daughters at Phantom Lake Elementary.

It's my belief that Bellevue's residents are responsible for driving the government we pay for. Government only exists to service the needs of those who sustain it, and it is up to us citizens to contribute and ensure that it meets those needs.

I am standing for council to give OUR City independent, positive and impartial guidance, in order to protect its essential functions for years to come. Guidance that will benefit all who live and work in OUR city.


And I will be standing in the right way. It is impossible for councillors to make decisions that should benefit the majority of citizens - decisions on planning, grants, contracts and more - when interested stakeholders have been contributing to their campaigns. That's why I'll be staying strictly independent, and will be giving Bellevue's voters a chance to say NO to money in their politics.


But a vote for Heywood isn't just a protest vote. You're getting an engaged civic voice with a clear vision of where our city should be in the future.

My long term goals in government are:

1. To reform the way we elect our leaders. In this election, the four best candidates will not be elected, simply because they have been forced to choose a position to run for. A large proportion of our foreign born residents are prevented from voting in local races. Decent candidates will be bullied out of running for council because they think it's too expensive a game to play. This all needs to be improved.

2. To increase participation at the neighborhood level. The City's policy of simply encouraging neighborhood groups fails to engage with too many ordinary folk. As our city population grows, we need official representation of our neighborhoods more than ever.

3. To improve co-operation between our neighboring cities. This can reduce duplicate spending, diversify our tax base and improve our staff. Eventually, I see an end to our traditional city boundaries, in favor of a strong, homogeneus and influential 'Greater Eastside'.

4. To preserve and protect the core functions of government.
We must ensure that the core governmental departments will be properly funded despite any future economic crisis.


I have been involved across the region as a transportation advocate, serving as vice chair of the City of Redmond's Ped-Bike Advisory Commitee and a member of Cascade Bike Club's Connect Eastside Group. I am closely involved with the Lake Hills Neighborhood Association and am a recent graduate of Bellevue's excellent Citizen Police Academy.


I am pround of these places where I have quietly stamped my influence on our eastside in recent years.

The city's bike wayfinding signage;
A zipline in Tam O'Shanter park;
The clean curbs of 164th Av;
The website of the Lake Hills Neighborhood Association - wearelakehills.org;
The rechannelization 116th Av;
The adoption of Bellevue's ped-bike implementation initiative;
A reworked staircase on Redmond's PSE trail;
An expansion of Redmond's Derby Days festival...
...and more.

These things may not seem like much to some.

But just imagine what I can do with a City budget behind me.

Do the principled thing.

Vote Local. Vote for OUR City. Vote Heywood.